Pulse Emitter – Dusk
Released on tape, CD, and digitally, November 18th 2022
On the Hausu Mountain label
Listen at Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify.
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Pulse Emitter has recorded many albums in a number of styles. Here are the artist’s recommended Pulse Emitter albums:

  • New: Dusk (2022) and Swirlings (2020)
  • Melodic synth: Spritual Vistas (2011)
  • Organic ambient: Through the Portal (2016)
  • Relaxation: Meditative Music 5 (2017)
  • Microtonal: Xenharmonic Passages (2018)
  • Noise/drone: Voids (recorded 2008, released 2021)

Pulse Emitter on Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify.

As of 2022, Daryl Groetsch has been creating pure ambient space music under his birth name.

Daryl Groetsch on Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify.

Collaborations have occurred with Norm Chambers (as Water Bureau), Paul Ellis, Christophe Bailleau, Chuck Pereda & Natalia Szendro, Yoshinori  Noguchi/Silentwave, Jeff Hollett (as Visceral Transport), Jason E. Anderson (as Space Habitat), and Günter Schlienz.

Daryl has done freelance work for Korg–a livestream and a series of Patch of the Week videos:

Check out his YouTube channel for synth demos and studio performances.

Pulse Emitter appeared in the 2008 documentary film People Who Do Noise which can be viewed on YouTube.

Dungeon synth albums are made under the name Endless Fog.